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How to Read and Understand Drug Patents

The pharmaceutical manufacturing company is a highly profitable business, but it is equally investment hungry as well. You need to spend hefty money in R&D, production facilities, sales and marketing, and licensing. A drug patent is another essential and critical activity in the manufacturing process. The patent term is usually 20 years. Once the patent ends, the genetic variation has to be sold in the market at a low cost. Hence, several companies try to extend the drug lifetime. It is known as an extension of the drug.

Patents do not safeguard the drug, but the creations. It is very much essential to have a thorough understanding of the patent and the methods of extending patents. Reading a patent is a specialized skill.

Here are the different sections in a patent document.


In India, a unique pharma structure that has only one active component and one inert provider doesn’t consider patentable. It is because there is no synergy between the elements. A structural patent is a mix of more than one active component and appropriate pharma providers. The originality of the patent remains in the selected mix of ingredients.


A solution patent is associated with the preparation of a specific structure. It is for any particularly preferred type so that better result or release can be achieved. It includes product kind and drug release details.


The patents may or may not say anything about the chemical or biological or organic particle. It may not say anything about the structure or application. The substances can be classified further based on the nature of the substance.


Some patent files declare development including administration to the clients.

Method or Procedure

The patents reveal procedures or ways to make or prepare the substance or structure. Another type of patent is the method of recognition of brand-new particles and a method of treatment.


This patent is a result of substance or structure on the body or other topics, e.g. treatment and avoidance of illness.

Drug Shipment

Drug shipment patents reveal a method, system, or gadget for offering the drug into the body. It includes general drug shipment and targeted drug shipment both.


These patents include devices, gadgets, packages for drug shipment, tracking production, or medical diagnostics. A cautious reading of patent determines the ingenuity and novelty. It gives a clear understanding of different types of patents, drug solutions, and other terms.


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