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Branded Pharmaceutical

Dossier Preparation

SIDDHA GLOBAL is presently one of India’s leading stockists, exporter, and wholesaler for Branded Drugs and Surgical. We are a registered wholesaler and exporter for pharmaceutical products licensed by our FDA and Drug Controller in India. With the help of our large network with manufacturers, dealers, wholesalers, retailers and all other kinds of suppliers across India, we specialize in supplying clients with bulk quantities of difficult to find drugs and medicines at competitive rates and prices. We sell every possible vaccine available on the counter, recommended by any type of doctor imaginable.

SIDDHA GLOBAL is a professionally managed organization and an outfit made up of a dedicated, committed and highly motivated core team and possesses an experienced work-force with a good background in the comings and goings of the pharmaceutical industry. We offer a wide range of products which are manufactured by reputed manufacturers around the globe.

We deal only with branded quality products and take guarantee that our products are a 100% genuine and authentic. We even offer EMS & Door To Door delivery services through DHL & other reputed freight forwarders. 


SIDDHA GLOBAL was established in the year 2015 formerly knows as Pioneer Group with the prime objective for exporting branded and high-quality medicines to every nook, corner, and cranny of our country and the world. Initially, we traded into a wide range of products from Agri products, yarns, cotton, ceramics, paper, Pharmaceutical. In the year 2015, we successfully secured our wholesaler license for trading in pharmaceuticals and started merchant exports for anti-cancer medicines and oncology drugs. In the year, 2016 we expanded our product range to generic medicines, cardiac drugs, diabetic drugs, sex enhancement drugs, so on and so forth.

SIDDHA GLOBAL is a partnership firm and was formed in the year 2015. Presently, Mr. Siddharth Patel is a managing partner who has been a rock-solid asset to the company’s success and policies with great knowledge about the pharmaceutical industry in India and abroad.

We have a great network of known vendors and outlets for our products. The products we offer are 100% original and are manufactured by well-known pharmaceutical manufacturers like Pfizer Inc, Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline Plc, Sanofi, Bayer AG, Eli Lilly and Co, Roche, Dr. Reddy’s etc.

The motto of SIDDHA GLOBAL has always been to provide and serve all its clients the best possible products with the best possible service. So far, we have managed well to stick to our high held principles well and we pledge that we will continue to do so.

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