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Customized Manufacturing

Dossier Preparation

Customised Manufacturing of White labelling refers to the retail practice of turning generic or customized pharmaceutical products into marketable items that compete with national brands. Intermediary companies and retailers that buy from wholesalers can rebrand and personalize these products, and they often sell them at a discount compared with branded products.

SIDDHA GLOBAL specialities include customised pharmaceutical manufacturing sourced from plants with GMP and WHO certifications. Small companies and retailers greatly benefit from selling privately labelled products. Companies that work with us are able to sell private-label products at lower prices than their branded counterparts while keeping a greater portion of the profit, as fewer intermediaries stand between the manufacturer and the retailer.

Customised Manufacturing or White-label products do more than just improve profit margins. Successfully implemented white labelling practices establish greater trust between consumer and retailers because:

  • Appearances matter: In highly competitive markets, it’s important to have packaging and labelling that allows your product to stand out. White labelling allows companies to have more control over their image and marketing style.


  • Consumers are disengaging from national brands but still want reassurance: The stigma surrounding generic and OTC pharmaceuticals are disappearing, especially because White-labeled products tend to cost less than their branded peers. High-quality private-label pharmaceuticals play a vital role in raising your business’s brand awareness.


  • The packaging is just as informative as that of branded products: Pharmaceutical and cosmetic products must educate consumers on how to use the product and what results to expect. Not only are clear and effective labels required by governmental and third-party regulators, but they also further establish customer trust in the private-label product.

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