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Machinery in a Physics Lab

Manufacturing Facility


SINI Healthcare has good manufacturing facilities, in multi-locations across India. SINI Healthcare uses state of the art technology, the most stringent operating procedures, a highly motivated and technically competent team that ensures highest standards of quality and safety.


SINI Healthcare has earned a name worldwide for adhering to the highest standards of quality and has received approvals from the Ministry of Health and international Regulatory Agencies.

Systems in Facilities

SINI Healthcare quality benchmark is achieved by strict adherence to the following:

  • Well designed GMP/ ISO compliant QMS to ensure quality right first time and every time.

  • Authorised lab for QC tests accredited by Govt certification.

  • Excellent Quality Control parameters followed.

  • World-Class Quality Assurance that approves and reviews procedures for every activity/ process that has a bearing on quality.

  • Maintains master procedure of SOP, Qualification, Validation, CCP and DDC. Also ensures compliance with regulatory needs.​

Our facilities

Accredited & Complied with

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